Based In The Scottish Borders

The Homestead Horselogging Company is a small family run business providing woodland and forest owners with an environmentally sensitive way of extracting timber and managing their woodland or forest. We will be operating mainly in the Scottish Borders. 

Horse Logging

Using horses to extract logs was the main form of timber extraction in Scotland up until the late 1940's. Since then it has all but died out in favour of motorised equipment. Whilst large machinery is invaluable in the commercial foresting industry it is limited in it's ability to protect the woodland environment and eco-system. In recent years the British Horse Loggers have been committed to promoting Horse Logging as a low impact; environmentally sensitive method of extracting timber.

Bracken and Thistle Bashing (clearing)

Of interest to farmers will be our bracken and Thistle 'bashing' service. Ideal for large areas of lowland hill farms over run by bracken and thistles. The horse pulls a cylindrical trailer fitted with metal blades that cut into the bracken/thistle stalk at 6 inch intervals. As the blades only partially cut the stalk, the root system continues to produce sap which bleeds out through the cuts effectively killing the root system. Bracken reproduces through spreading spores into the atmosphere when it it fully mature. Preventing the plant reaching full maturity through bashing prevents regrowth the following year.